Ojiji's Maple Story

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: August 19th 2006

My childhood neighbour who has wanted to venture out into the big Maple has finally gotten her parent’s consent to train to become a fire mage. They are exceptionally proud of their daughter because from even before she was born, her future was destined to become a fire mage and thus they named her, Inflamara, which means to set on fire in Spanish. She has sent me a handful of photographs from her travels in Maple Island and how she struggled on her quest to become a magician in Ellinia, enjoy…

Here’s the cutie, with flaming red hair and an equally fiery skirt. She is more like her name than you can imagine, very feisty like a chili padi!

As you can see, she’s rather inquisitive as well. Poking around the area with her sword.

Told you she’s feisty :D

And apparently very straight forward as well eh? My my, this girl has grown up with quite an attitude.

Yes, it’s best not to get on her bad side.

I heard that after this Roger dude made that comment, she ravaged his face so badly that his wife (My sister Oshea, remember?) had to bandage it up and he had to breathe through straws from his nostrils! What a sight…

Hmm, her fighting skills are starting to show.

Oh? Now what’s this?

Yowzaaa! Inflamara’s very first LEVEL UP!

Uh oh, I can feel the irritation building up in her. Robin better run if he knows what’s good for him :P

Woah what speed, what posture! This girl has all the basics of a destroyer :D

Onward to Amherst for her first purchasing of potions and weapons and such.

OMG! Look who’s here?!

She may be strong and fiery, but she sure ain’t invincible.


True true…

I wonder how she can stand it around all these thick skinned people!

Onward to Victoria!


And finally new clothes to start off a new life as a mage.

Well, that’s all the pictures she sent me, will update soon on her travels when she sends me more of her fiery escapades. Until then, Happy Mapling!

Much Love, Ojiji

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: August 10th 2006

Well HELLO THERE my fellow maplers, my travels in Victoria seemed redundant so I decided to make my way back to Ludibrium to do some more exploration as well as soaking in the sights and sounds of my fellow maplers whacking crazed toys. My travels around the Eos tower led me to an undiscovered area which I found very very curious…

Here I am on my way back to Ludibrium…

Many others soon boarded the toy train and sat with me throughout the trip. These were the best seats in the house :D

I made friends with two maplers with matching looks accompanied with matching names. How fetching!

After arriving at Ludibrium, we decided to go exploring together!

We went down all the floors in Eos tower and met another new friend called Destdg. Just as we bumped into him, we too discovered a new portal which led to an unknown area to us. Being the inquisitive lot we were, we decided to take a peek in…

It was mainly a forestry area, nothing much but we did meet a few curious characters along the way…

It’s not everyday that Death stares you right in the face eh?

As we walked on, we realized that this place was no ordinary forestry area but housed a cargo load of machinery and everything was exceptionally well protected by guards. The plot thickens…

Destdg thought perhaps they were doing some sort of illegal cloning business around here but the lack of scientists and dople gangers made me scrap that idea.

I was beginning to get suspicious about this place, everything was so well organized and hidden. I’ll find out what this place holds, even if it burns the mesos out of my pocket!

I chanced upon one of them MEN IN BLACK characters and bribed him to let me into the heavily protected area behind the cargo house.

Well apparently, others had the same idea as well :D hehehe…

At first, all I saw were trees and grass then a strange purple creature appeared right in front of my eyes. It seemed to look like your regular Kerning’s Octopi but upon closer inspection, I realized to my horror that it was armed and wearing a space helmet! I decided to back off and retreated into the bushed, panting for breath.

As traumatized as I was, I proceeded on with my investigation of this wickedly odd place and met a pink Mesoranger! I soon discovered that these rangers were all over the place!

Destdg was right behind me so I decided to let loose a little, after all, this wasn’t the first time I have been in a vicinity where strange and random creatures abound. As I went in deeper, the octopi started looking slightly different, they looked as though they were sitting on mini spaceships!

There were even a few purple ones that rode in robotic bodies :D

Later, Destdg told me that the area where the octopi creatures were in was called Boswell Fields. We decided to head back and explore the other place called the Kulan Fields.

And this was what we found. ALIENS!!! These species of alien is called the Barnard Gray.

Apparently, aliens have headaches too :D

Wow, look at them go! I tried my best to stay out of their way but the flying ones kept knocking into me and did me a lot of damage. These who fleet around from side to side are called Zeta Gray.

And this guy right here who is giggling to himself about who knows what, is Ultra Gray!

Along the way, I also bumped into MaskofZorro. He told me about Chief Gray who is the leader of the Grays, we decided to go find him in the Kulan Fields V and VI but apparently Chief Gray comes out very rarely because he’s old and has a bad back :D

After having seen all the aliens in both Boswell and Kulan fields, I decided to head back BUT I accidentally stumbled upon a hidden portal to a hidden area called Dogon!

This was the aliens’ headquarters, there was nothing much here but it was a good picture opportunity :D

I don’t know what was going on in the background but I sure don’t wanna be part of it!

And so that ends my journey to OMEGA SECTOR. It was an awesome trip, I wonder how long these aliens will be here but as long as they’re there, I’ll always pop by to see if Chief Gray will be in the house. Until next time, Happy mapling!

Much Love, Ojiji

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: August 2nd 2006

Well hello there my fellow maplers :D

After many months of being in Ludibrium, I’ve finally decided to leave and explore areas which I’ve never been to. Alas! Next stop, Aqua Road Dungeon!

So long Ludi! I shan’t be setting my eyes on any killer toys for a long long time.

The trip back was smooth and long, with not a Balrog in sight thank goodness!

And here they are, the almighty team of explorers! Fredzz and AngelKoo! Put on your game face!

Ah, I see Aqua Road hasn’t changed much since the last time. The pepes still have delusions of becoming fish!

We dropped by at the Aqua town and said HI to my best friend, Jr. Balrog! I believe a little thanks is in order J

Roggie, my hero!

A mysterious hole for a very inquisitive Mapler to go through…

Uh oh…

Wow, they sure have little to eat down in aqua dungeon eh?

…or not.

Alcoholic sharks, bad idea to irritate them.

Ah curious…very curious…

I wonder how he survived in there all this time!

Ah yes, time for some calamari! If I can even hit it that is…

I died soon after this picture was taken. Well, can’t say I wasn’t warned, curiosity did kill the cat :D

So after my escapades in Aqua Dungeon (short escapade that is), I decided to be “girl” and do some dress up! Observe…

oooooohhh…how intellectual! Harvard here I come :D

After a hard days training (or traumatizing), it’s time for a nap J

I look like a race car star (can’t drive though…) he..he…he…..

YEEEEEHAWWWWW! Ride em cowboy! But please, no iGallop thanks J

I’m ready to go to war with the Dawgs :D

“I do the washing, drying, ironing, folding, cooking and telling bedtime stories to the kids but I DON’T do windows.”

Ojiji, the art critic…

Now that’s a spot of bad luck…

Thanks to Korea for Maple Story! Kam Sah Hah Mi Dah!

Much Love, Ojiji