Ojiji's Maple Story

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mapler Ojiji's Log: January 31st 2007

Well hello there my fellow Maplers!

Here's the continuation of my exploration in Zipangu's Showa town...

Like the rest of maple, Zipangu too is well known for their plastic surgeons, yes pun intended :)

Oh check out the old school posters on the wall!

How can you not feel sad for a crying kitten? Even the pup nearby is melancholy!

Getting ready to enter the hot springs spa...

A breathtakingly beautiful tile art in the spa :)

I wouldn't leave my belongings with a dodgy looking person like you!

Wha jackpot? I don't see no slot machines!

This guy has been watching one two many cartoon network flicks...

Too bad we couldn't go in to watch a movie, they're probably still building the screen or something.

Oh Perv!

Alrighty then, stay tuned for more adventures!

Much Love, Ojiji

Friday, January 05, 2007

Mapler Ojiji's Log: January 5th 2007 (Continued)

Wow, two posts in one day eh? Ojiji’s making up for all that lost time…

Anyway, here I am with my fellow maplers exploring the creepy regions on the outskirts of Zipangu. Why I agreed to follow Darkdg into this horrifyingly eerie place, is still a mystery…

I dislike life-like statues even more than foggy fog…

Seriously, they bring me into this haunting of a place and leave me stranded under a darkish tree which may have spiders in it, or worse…

See, I knew we shouldn’t have come here, Arucard’s grammar is getting all screwy…

Oh yeah, you better believe it.

Sure, we’d like to change channels too but the darn ghosties are frolicking around and they keep slamming into our faces with their pink tongues wagging everywhere, how are we gonna change channel huh?! Tell me, how how? :P

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, out pops rancid-breath Randy.

Ew…somebody get some Colgate up here pronto!

Oh great Darkdg! NOW you say you wanna get outta here!

Well, creepy stuff aside, the scenery is pretty lovely, don’t you think?

We finally made it back to Zipangu in one piece with memories we’d all like to forget :D

Much Love, Ojiji

Mapler Ojiji's Log: January 5th 2007

My fellow maplers! I’m sure most of you have already been to Zipangu, the beautiful Japanese Land of cutesy creatures and big-headed gangsters…

Couldn’t believe that I was in Zipangu. So. Awesome.

Not convincing Perry…you have a McDonalds logo on your head, seems to me you like fast food…

Cool! They worship shrooms here! Wonder where the slime statue is…

The shop houses here are just absolutely adorable! Take a gander at that roof, red Lego blocks!

Well, I bet it does, especially with the Yakuza…

Is this guy selling octopi or skin care products man?!

Ojiji’s weakness, RAMEN. Blew a hole in my pocket.

*whispers* I tell you, these Japanese people say the weirdest things when they sell their stuff, what’s with the “chest” statement? Is it supposed to be some kind of sick selling scheme?

Yes Kinokonoko, we know it’s a musssshhhroooom shrine. *whispers* she had a bit too much Sake to drink I tell ya, look at that stoned look in her eyes…

Ah yes, Darkdg promised to be my tour guide around Zipangu!

Cool, they even got shades on.

Wait, those aren’t shades…they look more like the eye crusts you get when you wake up in the morning, ew…

Wow, massive sun burn…ouch.

Alrighty, that’s all for this session. Stay tuned for more…

Much Love, Ojiji

Monday, November 20, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: November 20th 2006

FELLOW MAPLERS! My travels have taken me from Victoria island, Ossyria, El Nath, Aqua Road, Aqua Road Dungeon, Ludibrium, Omega Sector and finally to back to Victoria island again. What a lovely coincidence that right after I came back from Japan, a Japanese inspired town has emerged from right under our maple noses, ONWARD TO ZIPANGU!

DarkDg has volunteered to be my personal Zipangu tour guide absolutely free of charge!

Sure is invigorating, it seems like ages since I’ve been to a brand new land. Monotony is the bane of an explorers existence!

Ah! What a cute little girl! I love how she matches her pink hibiscus flower with a pair of pink earrings. The pinkness complements her blonde hair very well indeed no?

Are you sure DarkDg?!

Upon closer inspection, I discover an adam’s apple as well as maple men’s armour! *faints*

I feel so cheated! Why does it have to be the boy with good fashion sense? :D

Ah, typical metrosexual :P

After that rather traumatizing experience, we got off the Ludibrium train and hopped on the ship toward Victoria island.


I thought I smelt something slightly garlic-y…

In such a crowd, even the smell of onions and fish is masked between all the body odour and smuggled durian.

It’s easy to traumatize people who are already traumatized…

Now for sure I KNOW this is a boy :D

I really was whispering to his pimple! It was saying, “Ojiji, your blog rox my sox!”

Hmm…all thanks to my brand new “Dr. Suess parfum eu de toilette” :D

I didn’t even know Alishar had released a new fragrance onto the maple market, it’s called, “Le Alishar Pes Pire”

The ZZzZzZz monster hit us without warning!

Just call me your Majesty!

Well, not everyone loves pancakes but three followers are good enough no?

Boy, are we hyper or what?

This is what I call Snow boarding, spy style :D

ONWARD to Kerning!

I wonder how they kept this Giant Pelican hidden after all this time?! He must have had a growth spurt :D

Well, stay tuned for the next post where you’ll see how DarkDg and myself brave the cherry blossomed lands of Zipangu, Zipangu is a really huge place so be prepared for a series of posts only in Zipangu. Until then, you can still send I more of your screenies. Have a good day and HAPPY MAPLING!

Much Love, Ojiji