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Monday, November 20, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: November 20th 2006

FELLOW MAPLERS! My travels have taken me from Victoria island, Ossyria, El Nath, Aqua Road, Aqua Road Dungeon, Ludibrium, Omega Sector and finally to back to Victoria island again. What a lovely coincidence that right after I came back from Japan, a Japanese inspired town has emerged from right under our maple noses, ONWARD TO ZIPANGU!

DarkDg has volunteered to be my personal Zipangu tour guide absolutely free of charge!

Sure is invigorating, it seems like ages since I’ve been to a brand new land. Monotony is the bane of an explorers existence!

Ah! What a cute little girl! I love how she matches her pink hibiscus flower with a pair of pink earrings. The pinkness complements her blonde hair very well indeed no?

Are you sure DarkDg?!

Upon closer inspection, I discover an adam’s apple as well as maple men’s armour! *faints*

I feel so cheated! Why does it have to be the boy with good fashion sense? :D

Ah, typical metrosexual :P

After that rather traumatizing experience, we got off the Ludibrium train and hopped on the ship toward Victoria island.


I thought I smelt something slightly garlic-y…

In such a crowd, even the smell of onions and fish is masked between all the body odour and smuggled durian.

It’s easy to traumatize people who are already traumatized…

Now for sure I KNOW this is a boy :D

I really was whispering to his pimple! It was saying, “Ojiji, your blog rox my sox!”

Hmm…all thanks to my brand new “Dr. Suess parfum eu de toilette” :D

I didn’t even know Alishar had released a new fragrance onto the maple market, it’s called, “Le Alishar Pes Pire”

The ZZzZzZz monster hit us without warning!

Just call me your Majesty!

Well, not everyone loves pancakes but three followers are good enough no?

Boy, are we hyper or what?

This is what I call Snow boarding, spy style :D

ONWARD to Kerning!

I wonder how they kept this Giant Pelican hidden after all this time?! He must have had a growth spurt :D

Well, stay tuned for the next post where you’ll see how DarkDg and myself brave the cherry blossomed lands of Zipangu, Zipangu is a really huge place so be prepared for a series of posts only in Zipangu. Until then, you can still send I more of your screenies. Have a good day and HAPPY MAPLING!

Much Love, Ojiji

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: November 18th 2006

WELL HELLO THERE! How have my fellow Maplers been? :D Today, I received some photographs of one of my friend’s adventures! Here’s Knight Didi, smashing through the icy regions of El Nath and into the territories of Yetis…

And here he is! Ar-bish-ing those tiny lil Jr. Yetis.

Look at the Jr Yeti and Yeti’s expressions! They look so lost!

Hmm, I wonder what the Jr. Yeti’s are always so confused about. Or maybe they have dandruff or something…


Here’s Knight Didi’s friend, Dead Rising administering a jolt of electrifying electricity towards the horde of Yetis!

Check out the look on the Pepe’s face! It’s priceless!


OUCH! That’s gonna leave a mark in the morning! :P

Ok, that’s all for Knight Didi’s adventures. Sorry, I haven’t put up any SS of my own because my final year project in school is here and I haven’t a lot of time to go online. But in the meantime, keep sending in your screenies and I’ll continue putting them up on the blog. Until Next time, Happy Mapling!

Much Love, Ojiji

Friday, November 03, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: November 4th 2006

WELL HELLO THERE my fellow maplers!

Long time no blog :D Glad to see that all of you have been sending in lovely screenies of yourself in wonderful adventures and shenanigans around maple! Here’s a mapler, Ardus Kane who sent in wickedly wonderful screen shots of himself caught in some maple-rific scenes :D …

And here he is, the hero of the day :D

Ardus! The man has conjunctivitis, how can you hit a sick person?! ;)

Now here’s a shot Ardus caught of Estelle and how she TRULY feels about staying in the same spot since forever!

Ardus certainly has some sadistic issues to work on in his mind, always capturing people in pained and embarrassing situations! Welcome to the club Ardus :D

Anyone for cream of mushroom? But if that doesn’t work out, we can always try for Kane chowder…hehehe…

Ardus, I must say…you certainly have what It takes to traumatize both mapler and NPC. I salute you for that!

And here he is riding into the kerning sunset on his cargo gone wild. Wheeeeee!!!

Well, that’s all for now. Coming up in my next post is none other than Gonrod’s adventures!!! Stay tuned and happy mapling!

Much Love, Ojiji

edit: Oh btw, if you wanna send in your maple adventure screenies to me, do take into consideration some of these basic requirements :D

1) Full screen shots: 800 x 600 pixels
2) Full colour screen shots
3) The resolution does not have to be too high, 72 dpi will do, if not the file may be too large.
4) Gif and Jpeg images
5) Edited and unedited screenshots are all welcome :)
6) Maximum number of screenshots: 25
7) No vulgarities or sexually explicit content
8) Send them to: ojiji_onyl@yahoo.com.sg

9) In the Email, place subject as: "My Maple Story Screenshots"