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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: September 28th 2006

WELL HELLO THERE my fellow maplers! This here is a special post specially about Ludibrium Party Quest! Those in my party were Drogon234 (a level 38 mage), DinDolt (a level 45 mage), MaskofZorro (leader and level 41 sin), Puree210978(a level 49 cleric), HardyBoy(a level 44 mage) and of course yours truly Ojiji (a level 39 spearwoman and really awful and slow PQ-er who might I add “fell” into the Golem pit on my first PQ mission, whooo for me!) Enjoy…

Here I am when we all first arrived inside the PQ-ing area. As you can see, the balloons and Sgt. Anderson have a odd sort of relationship going on no? Bitter-sweet!

Anyway, this first stage required the party and I to whack black ratz! They were pretty easy to kill but awfully annoying and fast! Mouse trap anyone?

Check it out! Team work! Everyone stay behind while the mage does all the whacking :D hehehe…

All the passes back to MaskofZorro, and…CLEAR!

Well no wonder Alishar is in PQ, she probably just wants to find Sgt. Anderson and propose to him, even if he wants to or not. Hehehe…

This second stage was pretty simple, just whacking boxes and getting the passes that they’d spit out after that. No one told me about the long climb up though, ROPE BURN!

A short rest and self admiration of our blue-ish-ly cool emsembles :D Narcissists!


I can see that Sgt. Anderson is a big girly girl, just look at that feminine AFRO!

Yeah, it’s MaskofZorro’s throwing star stuck in your cornea…ouch…

Take that BlocOcts!!! RAWR!

And after collecting all the passes that the dead BlocOcts spit up, we were CLEAR!

Oh my…I really didn’t need to know that…ew…

Check it out! A mysterious portal, there might be free mesos in there! Let’s go!

Yee no, just a crybaby monster. He is really annoying though, every time he closes its eyes, we can’t hit him, it’s downright frustrating!


Is that true Sgt. Anderson? You have dollies under your hat? Is it Mesos Barbie?!

Wow more mysterious portals!

More rope burn and angry boxes :P


Sgt. Anderson has some personal issues to work out, no?

Gee…which box, which box? BTW, if you all don’t already know, the combination of numbers to lead up to the portal is 133, 221, 333, 123, 111. Wheee!

Tsk tsk :D

Wow really? I do too! A beautiful Ellinia fairy with rainbow wings and gold dust! Tra-la-la-lala-lala!

Go go MaskofZorro! Make that darn rat fill with sorrow!

Shucks, didn’t get a picture of Rombard! And these Golems were nothing but mummy’s blocs!

After fighting all them big oafs, we finally…CLEAR!

He thinks I’m ALONE?!

Look here Blue Balloon! My minions! :D Bwahahahhah! RAWR!

We spent dunno how long on this and kept getting slapped with a WRONG but finally…


OMG OMG OMG, I fell my spine tingling with anticipation! I’m gonna meet Sgt. Anderson’s finacee! I heard she’s a feisty one.

Yes, they are ready. I guess the only one who isn’t is me :P

Well, she seems pretty nice but *whisper*woah, look at that teeth,someone needs braces!*whispers*

That’s a hat?! I thought that was a giant split end!

We’re just being honest…

Okay apparently, honesty isn’t ALWAYS the best policy, darn!

Hey hey hey, but we defeated her, Sgt. Anderson can relax for now…until she re-spawns again!

Aww, PQ is over!

Sure thing! It’d be my pleasure. Guess what? I got 15 Aquamarine ores from this PQ. Awesome-nessss! Thanks to all my PQ members for helping me out with one of my very first PQ-ing sessions. Until next time, happy mapling!

Much Love, Ojiji

Monday, September 18, 2006

Mapler Ojiji's Log: September 18th 2006

Hello fellow maplers! Time to check out what’s on the Maple runway!

Looking fine while flyin’ The uniform look is in this season, up up and away!

Wanna let out that alter ego? Put on a mask, get that spare torch out of the kitchen drawer and swing away cause black is back!

Or why not try rebelling against the rebels and be good? Even angels can have a good time.

Maple is all about the cute little characters with small bodies and large heads. Even the monsters are cute! So why not opt for a kawaii look this fall? The outfit is just the right style for a neoprint too!

How about that traditional look? Go back to the past and get oriental with a kimono complete with falling sakura petals for that romantic effect :D

These majorly cool ensembles commands respect fo sho! Rev up that commander’s look with a sleek jacket/cape and ornate headdress.

Summoning up that King cobra will be a cinch with this wonderfully fetching robe and turban combo. Be sure not to smuggle potions under that hat though :P

This outfit may look a tad offbeat but it’s all the rage with youngsters nowadays! That whole mismatched, colourful vibrant personality will just burst out of you even if you don’t want it to :D

Inflamara has fashions of her own. Let’s take a peek…

Mysterious with just that right touch of feminity for the training assassin.

Or how about this more modern version of the ninja battle suit? It’s hip, it’s funky but a little hard to get that ol’ oxygen to the brain. Ah but with threads like that who cares about air?! :D

Toga and leaves, FETCH! Nuff’ said.

Well, are you?

Ok, that’s all the looks I have for you for now. Will be back soon for more posts. Until then, happy mapling!

Much Love, Ojiji

Oh btw, I leveled up :D